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Save up to 40+ hours every month checking programming activities and have more extra time for the other things that matter.


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No time limit on Free plan


No limit on number of students and classes on Free plan


No internet?
No problem.

We now have an offline version so your students can work on their activities with little to no internet needed.

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RapplerDOST Program funds CodeChum, +14 other startups

DOST’s Startup Grant Fund Program grants CodeChum and 14 other Philippine-based startups, funding to develop their businesses.

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Save Time

Automatically checks code

Once your students submit their work, it is automatically checked and scored by our system, letting you save a lot of time. See for yourself!

Use Available Resources

It’s Mobile Responsive

In addition to its support to all of the major browsers, CodeChum is mobile-responsive! You and your students can use the web app with ease on your mobile phones with little to no compromise.

Be Flexible

Requires only low Internet speed

Based on our tests, loading and working in CodeChum’s website app only needs as little as 100Kbps to load and function — not stopping you and your students from learning.

Push Self-paced Learning

Has Built-in Course Lessons

CodeChum also has ready-to-use programming lessons for basic and advanced C, basic C++, basic Python, and OOP in Java courses for your students to learn with in your asynchronous classes!

Here’s what some of the
best teachers in the country say about us

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I will not look for [and] suggest for any programming tool other than CodeChum. What I love about CodeChum are the built-in lessons that I can use and the activities that I can also customize.

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Marissa Chua

Computer Science Teacher Head


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As a teacher, it used to be that I go around the class checking the code of the students. By the end of the day, that's the only thing that you have done, instead of going around helping the students, I basically consume all of my time checking.

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Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana

Dean of College of Computer Studies


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As a teacher in Computer Science, CodeChum is very helpful for me. I've been using CodeChum as a programming teacher, there are very useful content that I can use in my class and it really saves much time to me as a teacher.

Ubaldo's picture

Romar Jan Ubaldo

Academic Head of Computer Science Unit

PISAY - Ilocos Region