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How It Works

It's as easy as one, two, three!


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Create Class


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Create an Account

  • Sign up as a teacher
  • Fill up the necessary information

Create a Class

  • Create a class from selected predefined courses
  • Each course has built-in lessons so you don’t have to prepare anything else
  • Available courses: Basic C Programming, Basic Python Programming, Java OOP

Invite Students

  • Let your students create a student account
  • Give the class code to your students and let them join your class

Facilitate Class

  • See your student's performance and executions in activities
  • See your student's progress throughout the semester
  • Manage the unlocking of the next lesson or quiz


Did you know?

By using CodeChum, teachers can save an average of 40 hours per month for their classes!

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We have a lot in store for you

Automatically checks code

Once students submit their work, it is automatically checked and scored by our system, saving teachers much needed time.

It’s Mobile Responsive

CodeChum is mobile-responsive! Both teachers and students can use the web app with ease on their mobile phones with little to no compromise.

Requires only low Internet speed

Based on our tests, loading and working in CodeChum’s website app only needs as little as 500Kbps to load and function - saving at least a bit of peso in your pockets!

Has Built-in Course Lessons

CodeChum also has ready-to-use programming lessons for basic and advanced C, Java, and Python courses for your students to learn with!

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Did you know?

CodeChum currently supports the following programming languages:

C ProgrammingPython ProgrammingC# ProgrammingJava ProgrammingC++ ProgrammingJavascript Programming


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