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Making a Programming Class Engaging and Fun

While there is truth in that statement, it’s not entirely true. People think programming is a complex course that’s only meant for those who are intelligent enough. What they don’t realize is that no…

Online Platforms and Technology For Older Teachers

To successfully implement online learning during a pandemic, teachers have found innovative solutions to conduct classes and discussions through the help of technology and online platforms. But while…

No Teachers Left Behind

COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the most essential sector in the industry — education. This led to the closure of public and private educational institutions and left a struggle on a critical…

Motivating Teachers — What Your Students Think About You

After over a year of teaching courses through various online learning platforms, the education sector has done the necessary means to successfully implement online learning. Teachers have just…

Boosting Student Morale During a Pandemic

The shift to online learning did not only bring challenges to the teaching force but to the student body as well. Students were compelled to adjust from traditional, face-to-face discussions to…

Effectively Using Social Media for Online Learning

There’s no denying it. Social media has played a vital role during these unprecedented times — from providing news and information to keeping people connected in the safety of their homes. Despite…

Engaging Icebreakers To Do in Online Class

Even before the pandemic, recent studies have shown that the longer you are exposed to smart devices and screens, the higher your stress and burnout levels would be. With the current learning…

Online Tools and Platforms for the Teaching Force

It’s true that there are numerous online platforms and resources that can be used however, no one size fits all when it comes to learning. What is easily available to you might be difficult to access…

The Teaching Force’s Response to Online Learning Transition

Let’s be honest here. Interaction between the teacher and the students plays a significant role in building an effective learning experience — more so when it is built through face-to-face and within…

The Shift to Online Teaching during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Reported by the United Nations [1], there are over 166 COUNTRIES that have implemented country-wide closures of educational institutions. This crisis forced nearly 60.2 MILLION TEACHERS to remodel…


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