How to Apply

to CodeChum Solo Premium




Create a free CodeChum account first.

If you already have an existing account in CodeChum, you may skip this step.

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Pay via Bank Transfer. Make sure to screenshot or take a picture of the proof of payment.

Annual Plan: PHP 2,400

*good for 1 year + 6 months free!


Jemar Maranga
Acct No. 5876 2591 86


Jemar Jude Maranga
Acct No. 294 022 5148


Jemar Jude Maranga
0995 946 9610



Fill out the Google form by clicking the button below.

This form serves as your proof of payment, so please remember to fill out this form.

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Your account will be upgraded to Solo Premium within 24 hours after you have filled out the form.

If your account has not been upgraded yet within 24 hours, please try to logout and login again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! As a teacher, you can create a free trial account on CodeChum which is good for 1 month without any commitments (we don’t ask for your credit card details).

After a month, if you found value in CodeChum, we’d ask you to subscribe to our premium version by then as your account will now be locked (your data won’t be deleted though).

Our premium version has a flexible plan where you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

We recommend that you’d opt in for the annual payment as you can save from it as well as avail our promo (which ends on February 28, 2021) a free 6 month subscription. That means that if you’d subscribe to the annual plan, your subscription will last for 18 months.

We have updated our pricing where students can freely use the app but with limited features. They can decide to purchase these features voluntarily if they want to by paying via GCash.

As a teacher, you can subscribe to CodeChum’s premium version by following the steps here.

You can message us directly via the Messenger chat found at the lower right or you may reach us through any of our contact details found in the Contact Us page.